Lyme Magnetic Protocol

img_2554Biomagnetic Pair Therapy utilizes pairs of magnets of medium intensity that seek to normalize the body´s bio-electricity, balance the cell´s pH and its environment, help the immune system detect the pathogenic microorganisms that are present, help detoxify the body´s organs and help improve the functions of the organism.


Lyme Magnetic Protocol (LMP) utilizes additional Biomagnetic Pairs discovered by Joan Randall in her work and research with chronic Lyme cases. Lyme requires comprehensive treatment of Borrelia, as well as, the co-infections associated with Lyme. LMP addresses the wide variety of symptoms that Lyme Disease presents to restore physical and emotional well-being.
Each treatment is 45-90 minutes. Lying down on a massage table, fully clothed, a muscle testing assessment is used to identify any imbalances. Once these areas are located, pairs of magnets are placed on the body, one negative polarity and one positive polarity, for 20 minutes. Aromatherapy, reflexology and/or energy healing enhance the treatment while the client relaxes with the magnets in place.

The number of treatments varies for each individual. Most people experience improvement of symptoms in the first couple of treatments.

Testimonial from JG

I had been experiencing many debilitating symptoms from Lyme disease and had pursued various protocols for a year and a half. A friend gave me Alicia’s name and within 3 or 4 months of treatment I declared that I’ve never felt better in my whole life!! A miracle! Alicia’s biomagnetic and energy therapies really do work and compliment the body to heal itself. If you want a deeply supportive, healthy, natural approach to better health that is truly effective, please visit Alicia.

Testimonial from DT

I am someone who lives for the summer, being outdoors in the sun, gardening and kayaking.  After I got the tick bite in mid June and was down for the count, I figured my summer would be a lost cause.  However, a good friend turned me on to Joan Randall’s Lyme Protocols, and luckily I was able connect with Alicia Feltus, in Montpelier and start treatment within a couple of weeks the bite. The Lyme, a co infection and my debilitated immune system were skillfully addressed and by August, I was doing summer–not missing a beat!

$115 Initial consultation/$75 follow-up visits/ Pre-pay packages available