Nutrition Response Testing

Schedule your own personalized nutrition consultation to meet your health goals.
A one hour consultation includes a health intake, Nutrition Response Testing evaluation for food sensitivities, immune challenges, chemical or metal toxicity and an individualized plan to help support the body emotionally and physically.

Nutrition Response Testing utilizes muscle-testing for nutritional needs, food sensitivities, chemical & metal toxicity. Each individual will be offered a variety of treatment modalities which may include dietary guidance, herbs, vitamins, minerals and stress management techniques.

The power to heal is inside of you. Your body has the natural ability to maintain energy, improve mood, lose weight, boost the immune system, heal digestive disorders and chronic pain or illness. The entire body is interconnected. A balanced whole foods diet combined with high quality herbs and supplements supports the body to create a cascade of positive biochemical reactions to achieve greater health and vitality and reverse or prevent disease.

Nutrition Consultation $75 (this session can be offered remotely)